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The "Train Items for Sale" Page



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Read below to see how it works


This is the place to come if you have been unable to find that "Missing" car.

How it Works - How to buy on this site.


If you find a Train Item on one of the sellers lists that you wish to purchase, hit the "Talk to Seller" button at the top of the sellers list for instructions from the seller on shipping costs, and what to do next.

2.   Contact the seller via the email address listed at the top of the sellers "Talk to Seller" page. Get all of your questions about the item answered before you make an offer to purchase the item.

Make your offer. Be sure to use the catalog # from the far left column of the listing to help avoid confusion.


Negotiations are between the buyer and the seller. The website is only providing a listing service and will not become involved in a transaction. We will not become involved in disputes between buyers and sellers.


In the event that you cannot conclude a transaction satisfactorily, please send us an email outlining the problems that you had with an individual  seller.

How to sell your Train items here


Create a list of train items that you wish to sell ... Include accurate item  descriptions, and the price that you wish to obtain for each listing.

2. The initial page setup fee is $3.00, and the fee for each individual listing is 50 cents for each listing up to $50, and 1 percent of the listing value for each listing above $50 in value. Fees are based on the initial listing, and not the final price. Multiple sales from a single listing are permissible.
3. Contributors and supporters of the website pay less for their listings, and the initial setup fee is waived.  The yearly fee is also waived providing that the contributor remains active in his/her information contributions to the website.
4. Yearly maintenance --- Listings take server space and that is what we pay for. -- Listings are valid for one year from the first date of listing. If you wish to maintain a listing beyond one year, there will be an additional charge of 25 cents per listing per year, payable by the beginning of the next year of listing as determined by the listing date in your "date" column
5. We will send you an email invoice for the total due after you submit your list of items for sale. Your list will be posted after we receive your payment. Personal checks must clear the bank before a listing will be posted. 
6. Payment may be by money order ( preferred ), cashiers check, or personal check.
7. The H.O. Beer Car Website retains the right to cancel a sellers listings at any time if the website administrator determines that a sellers behavior in dealing with buyers, or potential buyers, is detrimental to the buyers or the reputation of this website. 
8. The H.O. Beer Car Website will not list items that in their judgment is not safe for viewing by children. This judgment is at the sole discretion of the administrators of the website and will not be subject to arbitration.

Questions about listing should be addressed to

A Sample Listing

Read all of the "Conditions" column carefully so you know what is expected in your descriptions.


John Doe's trains for sale

Email johndoe@noplace.gom

Note: .. This is not a real listing ... It is only a sample.

Cat. # Production Company Base Manufacturer Set # Manf # Common Name Clic on Pic Additional Markings Car # Price Conditions of car and box ( If Applicable )
JD1 Main Line Railways Varney   MR-5 Blatz Pic Needed Old Heidelberg URTX 23104 $60.00 Perfect car .. Perfect box ... From 1944 production
JD2 Athearn Athearn   ?? Blatz Pic Needed Old Heidelberg URTX 23107 $7.00 Might be an old Globe car ... Red "Old Heidelberg" in a black stripe ... Screw in coupler pockets ... missing one coupler, otherwise near perfect. Original box
JD3 Varney Varney   ?? Mr Boh Pic Needed National  Brewing 1885 $2.00 This car has all of  the wheels  missing ... The couplers are missing ... The roof is missing ... The doors and all of the steps are missing.  No other problems are visible. No box
JD4 Hinkenhofen Dinklenoctor   ?? Splat beer Pic Needed Made from the backwaters of the Louisiana bayou UCKY 1234 $4.15 Brown car with brown lettering and brown decals. Wheels and axles are brown. Has a brown cow on each door.