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NMRA Bulletin



The official publication & magazine of the National Model Railroad Association


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Production Company Base Manufacturer Rating Set # Manf # Common Name Clic on Pic Additional Markings Car # Car Type Car Color(s) Lettering Color(s) Special notes Material
NMRA Bulletin Magazine NMRA OOP-7     Frothingslosh A better picture is needed Pale Stale Ale OFRX 770 36ft All wood Reefer Yellow / Red / White / Black Red / Black   Cardstock

The Bulletin is the magazine of the NMRA and has published cardstock car sides for at least one beer car. This car side was designed by Rege Cordic who started the Olde Frothingslosh legend ... Go here to see the story of this beer, and this car side.


Caution ... An identical car side decal is produced by Clover House ... The NMRA car side is printed on cardstock.

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