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 This page last updated     03/08/2003
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The Pictures

Click on any small picture to see a large hi-resolution version of the small picture. Most Photos are 800 pixels wide.


Site organization

This site is divided into two main sections, the Manufacturers section, and the Beer Names section.

Clicking on the  Manufacturers button takes you to the "Manufacturers Index" page from which you can select a page, and see the cars that were produced  by an individual manufacturer.

Clicking on the Beer Names button takes you to the "Beer Names Index" page which lists all of the beer cars by beer brand name. You may select any beer name page from the list to see all of the known cars produced with that particular beer brand name.

Both of these sections share links to each other, and to the Tomb of the Unknown Beer Car page.

There is a third section of the site which includes things like Wine & Whiskey ( coming ), site information pages, links to other sites, etc. etc. This section of the site is secondary in nature to the Manufacturers and Beer Names sections.


The " Page Info " button

Most of the "How To" instructions are contained within each individual pages "page information addendum".  You can access this addendum by using the "Page Info" button that appears on those pages where help may be needed or where additional information about items on that page may be provided. Click on the "Page Info" button at the top left side of this page to see how it works. This page is always divided into two columns. The left column with the black text contains instructions on how to operate within the page. The right column with the green text will give additional information about how the page is set up, and when available, interesting stories, notes, and/or histories about items displayed in the page.


The " Reset Site " button

The "Reset Site" button is still active on a few pages ... It will return you to the main page of the website. This button was designed to be used when this was a frames based website.


Screen Resolution

Run your monitor at a resolution of 1024*768 pixels and 32 bit color if your video card will support it.. This site will run at other resolutions, but 1024*768 is where it works best. To change your resolution on a standard pc, right click anywhere on your empty desktop and click on "properties" in the small window. When the "Display Properties" window opens, click on the "settings" tab at the top right hand corner of the window. In the "screen resolution" box, move the slider to "1024*768". In the "color quality" box, select "24 bit" or "32 bit", whichever is highest.


More "instructions" will be placed here if required.