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Click on any small thumbnail photograph to see a large photograph of that car.

Click on any beer name in the common name column to open that beer name page.

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Smokingloco cars and the decals are produced one at a time on a very limited basis. The cars are usually Athearn and the decals are created by Smokingloco.

These are "one-of-a-kind" or "few-of-a-kind" cars produced by Smokingloco. He occasionally sells these cars on ebay, and they must be considered as extremely limited production beer cars. The decals used on these cars are not commercially available.

To see if any of these cars are currently available on ebay, go here and type " smokingloco " in the "single seller" search box.

You can see completed ebay auction examples of these cars by clicking on "All" in the "include completed items" line of the ebay search box in the link above.


The listings on the Smokingloco page are only a sampling of the cars produced. Many have been produced that are not shown here. Some of the cars shown here have never, and may never be, available to the public. Where appropriate, the cars have been grouped by brewing companies in their own boxed sections.