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Click on any beer name in the table to see listings and photographs of all currently known  beer cars for that name.

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The "cars" column denotes how many different cars are listed on the page.

The "pic" column denotes how many pictures are available for viewing on the page.

Numbers in red are numbers that are listed twice under two different beer names that will take you to the same page. This is done to make it easier to find a beer car that may be known by two different names.

The Pictures in this section average 50K each. Download times will increase with the amount of pictures on the page. A page with 20 pictures listed in the "pics" column will be over 1 megabyte in file size. Slower internet connections like dialups ( 56K phone modems ) will take a while to load some of these pages.

Make sure that your internet cache is set to keep these files if you plan on coming back to this website for reference purposes. This will greatly reduce your subsequent load times.

The large size of the pictures on these pages  is required to achieve the detail needed to discern differences between cars.


Sometimes it can be very hard to recognize the difference between the beer cars manufactured by different companies. There are even situations where two or more very different beer cars manufactured by the same company can look very much the same unless a person knows what those differences are. Differences also exist in some cars that have the same manufacturers number, but were made at different times.

This portion of this site is designed to try and help you understand those differences, and give the collector a better understanding of what they should be looking for.

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