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Monarch Brewing Co., Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.


Confusion may occur because there are separate pages for Tivoli & Bullfrog Beer.

Some of the Monarch cars show "Old Tivoli and Bullfrog beer" ..

This was a copied error ... It should be "Old Times and Bullfrog beer"

Old Tivoli was brewed by the Tivoli-Union Co. in Denver, Colorado.


Walthers    NX 3070 Train Miniature     NX 3055


Redball     NX 3071 Branchline     NX 3070


MDC    NX 3390
MDC    NX 3393 MDC    NX 3397
Part of a 12 car set released in Dec. 99 Part of a 12 car set released in Dec. 99

Each car released in two different numbers .. Assortment # 962 .. Twelve cars


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Binkley    NX 3070 Binkley     NX 3072


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Laconia    NX 3070 Laconia     NX 3071